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Despite numerous engineering works on the line from Waterloo and 2 people being diverted to Twickenham, all 8 of us turned up at Richmond before the 10am start.
It's important to know how many are in the group because later on in the day some were thinking that 8 plus or minus 1 was an acceptable margin for error when checking if all were still following.
A beautiful sunny and warm day, gorgeous green parks - I really didn't realise there were so many so close together in West London - think I'll organise a winter jaunt around East London's brown field sites for a comparison.
We had a lunch stop (a pleasant change) at "The Ship" in Mortlake on the banks of the Thames. I was first at the bar and ordered burger and chips and by the time I got back to the seats outside via a visit to the loo of course, my lunch was waiting for me on the table. Impressed !!! Now some of you may think I was fannying about in the loo, but Guilherme was there with me and believe me we were not fannying about.
Anyway, everyone else ordered in quick succession and we expected to be back on the bikes in short order. Unfortunately Tony's order hadn't turned up after 50 mins so a hissy fit was in order. What a scene - there were children crying - in the end Tony got his money refunded after threatening to buy a sandwich at Sainsbury's instead - not sure how that logic worked but it did.
Back on the road and more green spaces and deer in Richmond Park - deer that were beginning to look rather appetizing to Tony who still hadn't gotten his sandwich.
Finished off the ride at David's place for tea and homemade scones, chocolate cake and Victoria Sponge - I had four cups of tea, a large slice of each cake and a scone with lashings of jam and clotted cream - delicious.
Since I'd pigged eaten so much, I decided to cycle the 20 miles back to Stratford to burn some extra cake calories I seemed to have acquired and also to make the miles covered for the day a round 50.
Only problem was I got a puncture at Wandsworth Town and had to jump on the District Line at Parsons Green in order to get home. So now I'm actually fatter than when I started the day.
Another excellent day out and a good laugh as well.
Can't wait for the next one.

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