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The hills are alive with the sound of singing cyclists! Yes, Ewan McGregor look-alike (aka Steve) kept us all entertained with his large repertoire. Not to mention a few songs along the way too. It was like Moulin Rouge had come to the Chilterns.
A very good ride covering 36 miles - we did the shorter route after suffering two punctures along the way, one mine and one Neil's. The slightly shorter route meant we had time for tea in Chesham. I do like my tea.
Lunch was excellent at the Hampden Arms if you had the steak pie and mash which most people did, though Paul and I didn't. I've never had such a boring burger before - guess we are spoilt by Byron burgers - chips were nice though.
Plenty of hills to whinge about how ineffective one's gears are. Excellent view from Coombe Hill - the highest point in the Chilterns. Good excuse for a group hug/photo. Please send me your pics if you have any.
The weather was warm, roads were damp but it didn't rain all day. Though it did rain while we were on the train heading back into London. We should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. This singing malarky is contagious, Ewan has a lot to answer for.
After two punctures, we were all silently expecting a third calamity. Late in the afternoon just before Chesham, Ewan was stung by wasp on his ear. Eventually the caterwauling stopped when he found solace at the local chemist in Chesham.
It was an excellent route - practically no traffic around.
There were a few young hot newbies on the ride to distract us from the lush green hills around. We could tell they were young because they were going to XXL that evening after the ride. Just how much riding can one person do in a day - apparently more than a day in the Chilterns.
Thanks to all that came for making it such an enjoyable day.

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