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Great turnout of 14 on a sunny and very warm day. At my request Gavin did a great job of keeping the speed close to the advertised 20km/h despite a lot of the group going faster (and zooming past the lunch stop as a result).
Lunch at The Queen's Head (of course) in Chackmore was good pub grub, fine for the price. Not quite the usual grade 3 group's haute cuisine.
After lunch Gavin found a great track around Stowe which gave us a good look at the house for free. I stayed on to tour the gardens while the rest returned to Tring on an even hotter afternoon which forced an unscheduled stop for ice cream.
The ride ended up averaging 22.5 km/h (while moving) despite doing 106 km on a hot day. Was stationary for 3 hours and 9 minutes. Congratulations to Paul for completing the ride with his smart wicker basket (see third photo).
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New slimline Gavin


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